Families grow and expand with years. Is it time your home did the same? If the thought of moving gives you nightmares, building an addition may be your solution.

Have a small lot? Consider building up, not out, by adding a second floor. Already have a second floor? With careful planning and some ingenuity, an experienced contractor (like Shula) can extend an existing second floor to increase your square-footage.

Take a look at this second-floor addition/remodel and see what we were able to do with this home.

  • Removing portions of the existing roof system to construct and expand the second floor
  • Constructing a second-floor addition to include:
    • A Laundry Room
    • One Bedroom
    • Master suite with bath and walk-in closet
  • Heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical to accommodate the new addition
  • Insulation, drywall, painting, doors, and trim
  • Re-shingling existing roof to tie into new roof
  • New siding, soffit, facia, gutters, and downspouts